Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Turkey Introduces Customized Insurance COVID-19 Plan for Foreign Guests

In a significant recent development in Turkey, Turkish tourism department has quickly introduced a new insurance scheme and program, specially designed for all tourists and outstation travelers.
This new development is specifically brought to effect to deal with upsurge in COVID-19 patients that has challenged healthcare industry as a whole.
Turkey has deliberately introduced this new insurance scheme for COVID-19 cases to take care of the tourists should they be detected of the virus.
This new program is in place to encourage these tourists to carry on with unhindered COVID-19 treatment without worrying much of the financial burden associated.
Afterall, COVID-19 treatment is also equally infamous for its pricy treatment procedures that discourages full-fledged treatment across patient pools.
In the words of Nuri Ersoy who heads the ministry of Tourism and Culture in Turkey affirmed that the country has gone a step ahead in facilitating a new COVID-19 specific health insurance program to cater to the needs of foreign guests.
A total of three categories Euro 3k, 5k and 7k will be all covered within the insurance packages of Euro 15,19 and 23.
These packages have been made available for quick access across designated airlines at specific dispensaries and sales channels.
The development indeed is estimated to be a major leap towards encouraging a healthy and safe stay fir foreign guests who have been entrapped due to the sudden virus outbreak and following restrictions in aviation.
Further to ensure diligence in acute safety and hygiene maintenance protocols, Turkey has also put in place its Safe Tourism Certificate Program, an initiative by Ministry of Culture and Tourism to offer high end safety for all tourists. With this launch of the specific tourism friendly certificate Turkey becomes a pioneer across EU to have introduced such novel tourist friendly programs.

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