Apprente Inc. and McDonalds Pair up for Technology Integration in Food Industry, Eying Client Interaction

Technological advances such as AI capabilities are becoming more and more pervasive in the restaurant and hotel industry as the need of the hour, owing to a global pandemic necessitates high end quality assurance, voice ordering, contactless delivery, adequate labor management and the like.
In the wake of a global pandemic and ardent need to offset its further spread and additional implications, businesses across the globe are making significant headways in re-evaluating their business goals to remain industry specific.
Technological integration has emerged as the best logical business discretion that has of-late shaped several business objectives, both short and long term to maintain a decent revenue cycle.
In a recent development in this regard, a global restaurant, McDonald’s has lately affirmed its next business venture and investment in a tech company, Apprente Inc.
The latter is best known for its capabilities in voice recognition technology, specially inclined towards the restaurant business, eyeing agility and latency free efficient business operations.
The development is in alignment with McDonald’s business objective to transform manual operations into machine augmented system with the help of AI, that enables machine to machine and human-machine interactions. The deal is the third investment in tech companies by McDonalds in recent times.
Other relevant investments made by McDonald’s in technology integration include its venture with Dynamic Yield that is designed to improve retailer performance based on customer data collected to improve sales.
Dynamic tools are religiously used by McDonald’s to offer improved customer experience such as food suggestions based on several factors inclusive of weather and time. McDonald’s is hopeful to hit fresh opportunities with integrated Apprente’s features by accurately adapting various other foreign languages other than English to expand cross border businesses.
It has also affirmed its other business venture with Plexure to develop mobile apps for better business response.

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