AR Technology to Facilitate Long Term Remote Work Culture with New Gadget Innovations

Lately, one of the fastest emerging AR based company, Magic Leap has made concrete announcements to tilt away from consumer businesses and develop dedicated enterprise centric products. According to reliable sources from Magic Leap who chose to speak on grounds of anonymity revealed that, the company is en route to build more robust gadgets that would be immensely workable in remote conditions, however demonstrating high speed and excellent adaptation to spatial transformation.
Yet another new market entrant, Roto VR under the present COVID-19 crisis is all equipped to build and commercialize 360 degree chair for which the company has already buckled up its funding sprees, amassing a total of $ 1.8 million worth funds to develop VR compatible chair. VR gaming is a whole new gamut of experiences in itself, however lined with certain difficulties such as very limited scope for free style mobility.
The new 360-degree rotational chair is equipped with improved features such as haptic feedback for a more enriching virtual gaming experience.
Additionally, the chair is also compatible and hence can easily be connected to a range of connected devices such as joysticks, racing wheels, keyboards and the like. This revolutionary chair, RotoVR is also a requisite to experience immersive visual displays, owing to its seamless connectivity with head mounted devices that lends entertainment a whole new dimension, making regular activities such as watching a movie or playing games increasingly rewarding.
Roto VR under the current COVID-19 global issue, has successfully roped in enormous funding, worth $1.8 million under to develop and commercialize highly interactive VR chairs to fix and improve existing bottlenecks. Apps and wearable technology devices are witnessing relentless adoption as infection soars and people are exponentially adopting these devices to better track and monitor their health offering feedback on body temperature, pressure and the like to sustain healthy equilibrium.

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