Belgrade International Airport Invests in Expansion Plans, Hopeful of Recouping the Crisis

Accounted as one of the busiest international airports, Belgrade airport is a significant transport business serving the people across Serbia and Belgrade.
After prolonged suspension of operations owing to sudden outbreak of corona virus pandemic at a global scale, the highly profitable venture is touted to resume operations, joining the league of all other international airports that are soon resuming business.
The Belgrade airport is under ongoing strides of construction and building make-over whereby the runway, control tower, departure section as well as terminal buildings are still under renovation.
Other additional features such as inclusion of duty-free F&B counters are also likely to be added to the renovated facility, also including a plush shopping facility as well as a bar-cum restaurant are also likely to be included in the new facility.
It is also anticipated that a league of other luxury brands of shops are also likely to begin fresh operations in the airport vicinity.
To render a more customer-friendly and gratifying experience, Belgrade airport has also affirmed the launch of a business class lounge, besides the upcoming bus gates that are still at various stages of construction.
With these aforementioned development sprees in place, it is likely that Belgrade International Airport is well equipped to offset the numerous challenges inflicted by the sudden pandemic outrage and is en route novel developments in the foreseeable future.
In the words of Žarko Suvačarov, Chief Commercial Officer at Belgrade Airport has affirmed that the airport is committed to emerge as the next gen model airport, a growth spot in all respects across entire Southeast Europe. The airport authority is optimistic to offer customers a wide array of potential choices such as low cost carriers and multi-dimensional support to offer highly comfortable and service oriented flying experience, besides rendering a range of commercially viable deals.

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