Bengaluru restored essential commodities and services faster than others

To ensure smooth operations and functioning amid corona virus breakdown, of the businesses providing essential services and commodities, the government is taking required measures. There are many cities who are struggling with getting things and working systems for the essential commodities in its place making it easy to operate for the people. The Bengaluru police officials have issued about 70,000 special passes manually and 10,000 special passes electronically for their smooth running.

Pune and Bengaluru were the first ones to take quick action amid the lockdown where in providing essential commodities is an important part being the first cities to issue e-passes in the country. They ensured he availability of essential services all over the city to help maintain the lockdown as stated by the large e-commerce and online delivery firms.

After the three-week nationwide lockdown was announced, to fight the corona virus break down, many companies made  complaints regarding not being permitted to operate by the city police. Hence the permits were being issued to the business to provide certain facilities to the population .

Bengaluru has a population of more than 10 million people residing there hence they had no option but to restore the essential services and goods like groceries and eatables as early as possible or it might  risk people pouring out on the streets.

For the organizations to collect the pass which permits to function their business, they will have to give details about themselves. After that they will receive a phone and email OTP on their mobile phones. Then they will have to give all the information and the pass requirements.

The mentioned information will directly be reached to the  jurisdictional police who will be the authority to evaluate their request for the services. If it is approved, the business owners receive an epass and a QR code. The police can verify the QR code to make sure that it is authentic. It is mandatory to hold a valid government identification for the businesses all the time.

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