Recce Pharmaceuticals Allies with Path BioAnalytics, Contemplates New SARS-CoV-2 Drug

In a pioneering development in pharmaceutical industry which is currently investing significantly towards tackling the sudden spurt of corona virus […]


E-retail Industry Up for New Business Collaborations, Flipkart, Walmart Collaboration Trending

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What to Expect in Medical Industry in Post Lockdown Era, Looks Like 3D Integration

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Chevron and Noble Energy Join Forces to Pursue Novel Opportunities in Energy Sector

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Notable Developments from Alcoholic Beverage Industry One Should Know

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KFC Inches into Plant-based Food Offerings, Opens Novel Outlets in Hong Kong

New Era Plant-based Series specializing only in exclusive plant-based food products is witnessing a quick launch activity across a few […]

Swedish Healthtech Company in Indonesia Granted Patent for Supervision of Medical Devices

Healthtech company from Indonesia, Brighter, has been granted a new patent related to the computer driver supervision of medical devices. […]

Fitbit Introduces Fitbit Charge 4, its Most Advanced Health & Fitness Tracker

Fitbit, in its first major announcement since being acquired by Google, has revealed its latest gadget, the Fitbit Charge 4. […]

FDA approves novel coronavirus testing kit from Bodysphere

The Food and Drug Administration has permitted a coronavirus test kit from Bodysphere. This kit can detect virus-related antibodies in […]


Mobility Assistive Devices Market-Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020-2023): Present Scenario, User Demand, Growth Analysis, Benefits and Regional Overview

The Mobility Assistive Devices Market report studies, analyzes and researches the growth status that are estimated in the regions such […]