Auto Manufacturing Plants will Need Government’s Help Amidst Corona Crisis

The Automobile manufacturers and their component manufacturers and suppliers had to shut down the production of automobiles uncertainly due to […]

Tesla Electric Car Deliveries to be slowed down due to COVID-19 in Q4

Tesla reported first-quarter deliveries and production that were up significantly from a year ago; beating consensus expectations, but Elon Musk’s […]

China Electric Vehicles Market Shows Sharp Dent, Europe Still Holds on to a Silver Lining with New Launch Later this Year

Amidst fuming speculations over an imminent slowdown in world economy, specific industries such as the automobile industry is already showing […]

Three-month Moratorium announced by RBI, Still the Borrowers getting EMI reminders

There are many people receiving reminders for payments which is creating confusion among the borrowers, the credit card holders and […]

Bengaluru restored essential commodities and services faster than others

To ensure smooth operations and functioning amid corona virus breakdown, of the businesses providing essential services and commodities, the government […]

Virgin Orbit: Company Designs Mass-producible Bridge Ventilator to Combat Corona Virus

A virgin group company named Virgin Orbit has designed a new mass-producible bridge ventilator to combat against the corona virus […]

Big Industry Shots across UK to Participate in Ventilator Consortium for NHS in the Wake of Covid-19

While a global pandemic situation and innovation happen to be quite dissimilar, the UK is likely to join forces for […]

Virtual Learning Likely to go Mainstream Beyond Lockdown Phase across Developing Countries

Amidst nationwide lockdown phase currently crippling almost every sector in India, education perhaps is poised to witness a paradigm shift […]

Google launches the Android Go App

Search giant Google has launched a new app Android Go edition, especially for smartphone users. This new application is reportedly […]

OnePlus officially confirms a handful of OnePlus 8 specs

Ahead of the launch of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 pro in two weeks time, OnePlus has confirmed a number of […]