Chinese Military Receives Nod for Probable COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate in Unison with CanSino Biologics

Well, China which has served as the epicenter of the deadly COVID-19 virus that has eventually set the world amidst a pandemic, crippling economies and businesses, besides claiming enormous lives is once again trending for its latest breakthrough in finding an appropriate vaccine candidate for COVID-19 lately. According to sources, the candidate has received a nod, and is all ready to be used by the Chinese military.
Amidst fresh deaths being reported globally, countries across both developed and developing economies are consistently putting in efforts to strike a significant breakthrough in vaccine development.
Sources say, China’s military research wing in collaboration with China based pharmaceutical company, CanSino Biologics has reported of a favorable breakthrough in vaccine development for COVID-19.
Following a declaration made by Chinese Central Military Commission, approving the probable dug candidate, the vaccine is likely to be used extensively by the Chinese military over a stipulated time frame of a year.
The vaccine however, under the name, Ad5-nCov is afar from commercial approval and use. In addition to the aforementioned potential vaccine candidate, there are numerous other vaccines in queue at various stages of clinical trial and pharmaceutical development.
This novel drug candidate is amongst the eight probable candidates in Chinese arsenal awaiting human trial approval. The developed was preceded by favorable efficacy demonstrated by Ad5-nCov that led to this significant development amidst testing times globally.
This CanSino Biologics drug candidate developed in unison with Chinese military has reportedly shown positive outcome during phase 1 and 2 of clinical trials, thus hinting at its potential to curb and arrest the disease from further spread. The menace wrecked by COVID-19 is unparalleled and has been showing no signs of slowing down, claiming millions of lives across the globe.

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