Chinese Ride Hailing Application Veteran Gives Green Signal for Testing in Shanghai

In a recent development, China based Didi Chuxing which is a ride hailing application is creating fresh buzz with its latest investments in launching an autonomous robotaxi service.
The ambitious project is likely to be preceded by a significant pilot project to be commenced at Jiading district of Shanghai. The recent developments are response to the recent government’s permission of testing the autonomous fleet vehicles within the city, followed by successful launch of Level-4 deployment of autonomous vehicles post the testing.
These level-4 autonomous vehicles are designed to support self-driving within specified locales under certain specific conditions. The company is dedicated to enable seamless, hassle-free commute infrastructure at an affordable pricing structure.
This latest venture by riding application, Didi Chuxing is adequately supported by SoftBank Group to enable a quick testing service dedicated to its robotaxi services and solutions in and around Shanghai suburbs. The development is preceded by Didi’s successful installation of V2X (vehicle to everything) hardware system across the region.
As part of the development, these customers around the test area are offered free of cost, on-demand ride solutions on Didi Chuxing’s AVs. The newly developed autonomous vehicles by the company have also been integrated with safety driver feature. Other notable features of Didi autonomous vehicles are that these vehicles communicate with immediate environment.
Additionally, the company has also invested in in installing equipment across designated junctions across the area to offset challenges of safety blind spots. This recent technology is developed to be integrated with Didi autonomous vehicles, however, they could also be used to link and connect other vehicles of different brands, affirmed CEO, Meng Xing, Didi Chuxing. However, large scale commercialization and availability of the technology is subject to approval from the government.

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