Crowdfunding Veteran, London-based Freetrade Boasts of a Massive Funding Expedition, Worth £5 Million

If the sources are to be believed, crowdfunding specialist initially sought to acquire a whopping funding spree worth 1 million pounds which was its initial plan. However, led by its fund raising expertise and several fund providers emerging up, the company has unexpectedly managed to garner a total of over 5 million pounds, which also led it to re-evaluate its crowdfunding target worth 7 million pounds.
Sources also stated on grounds of anonymity that Freetrade’s crowdfunding platform, AltFi was initiated to entice a whopping investment from over 5k investors in total which led to its completion of the target of 1million pounds in the first five minutes of the bid. This therefore encouraged the crowdfunding major to amass further funds worth over 3 million pounds later from its expert shareholders.
Sources also affirm that the whopping funds received by Freetrade will be optimally directed for various product development ventures inclusive of initiatives to double its market presence across vast geographical stretches. In the words of Adam Dodds, the active CEO of Freetrade affirmed that crowdfunding has always been a staple source of fund development which has over the years strengthened Freetrade’s stance in crowdfunding ecosystem as a major influencer and contributor.
Freetrade is highly optimistic about its upcoming ventures concerning novel product developments and expansion strategies for its coveted products. The USP of Freetrade lies in its expert and customized offers for its elite customers that also includes commission free investment in stocks, mainly crafted to entice millennial participation.
The company increasingly focuses on its success story of garnering 1 million pounds worth funding in just 77 seconds, followed by two additional crowdfunding expeditions making the total funding outcome worth 5 million pounds.
Essentially, crowd funding is a well-crafted methodology to enable fundraising for capital generation with collective efforts from individual investors who invest in both online and social media platforms to enable successful crowdfunding, complete with enormous benefits and advantages. With tangible advances in small and medium entrepreneurship, lucrative opportunities for crowdfunding are demonstrating steep rise.

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