Developing Countries Including India Offering Soft Growth Grounds, Telecom Sector Unravels New Opportunities

Despite a staggering downward turn in global economy, several businesses are contemplating novel business strategies to offset challenges in growth trajectory.
Geographical expansion along with M&A are likely to serve as staple growth facilitators for several industry behemoths who are lately considering investments across emerging economies to tap novel untapped market opportunities looming large, owing to steadily growing populace, fast transitioning consumer mindfulness as well as improved buying capabilities.
Edging on the aforementioned, several ongoing developments hint that technology veterans in the US Re hopeful to find soft growing grounds in developing countries such as India.
These companies are banking extensively on telecom behemoths through which the US tech companies are likely to reinforce improved capabilities in geographical expansion as well as business development.
The strategy is to acquire minority stakes that are anticipated to flare up and improve the business possibilities of both stakeholders. On the back of lingering social distancing protocols owing to soaring instances of corona virus, the sub-continent has been a keen adopter of digital services and solutions thus reshaping the retail landscape of the country.
Amalgamation of technological expertise and telecom advances is seen as a match made in heaven, likely to shed favorable light in e-commerce boom in the country.
Several high end market specific reports opine that the spike in digital users is likely to reciprocate well with flourishing e-commerce space in the country, unmanageable COVID-19 cases are likely to offer further thrust. Besides mandatory activities such as grocery and medicine shopping, areas such as online gaming and e-learning are anticipated to fare substantially well, offering fresh growth opportunities to US based investors.
Advances such as e-commerce giant, Amazon’s latest decision to invest significantly in Bharti Airtel, placing a stake of $2 billion is anticipated to be a major game changer.

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