Entrepreneurs Devote Resources towards Healthcare Development to Fight COVID-19

Healthcare businesses, grappling with the current pandemic outbreak post COVID-19 global outbreak is eying on interoperability to offer superlative healthcare outcome, while also sustaining business lucrativeness. Amidst such trying times, several business houses however are showing considerable empathy and making immense strides towards delivering corrective measures by offering monetary aid. Additionally, government bodies are also supporting smooth functioning of businesses, more specifically healthcare businesses who are traversing an extra mile to lend ample healthcare solutions and deliverables for offsetting COVID-19 burden.
Citing an instance here, the US Health Division’s ONC department working for health information technology has recently affirmed its latest funding of over 2.5million USD in a bid to accelerate private data projects for maximum usability of interoperability in healthcare IT domain. The recent pandemic has optimally stressed lack of organized data set and an underperforming healthcare IT infrastructure, thereby leading to stark gaps in healthcare delivery and deficient co-ordination between healthcare professionals, experts, government agencies and stakeholders. The prevailing conditions have further contributed towards the current chaos and inefficient healthcare delivery in the US. Thus the current funding is expected to reverse prevalent gaps in care delivery by improving data centers and also creating a much more robust healthcare IT infrastructure for better care outcome in the long run.
Additionally, Intel has recently declared about its investment towards development of a pandemic response technology effort. The latest development is worth over $50 million and is envisioned to improve IT tools in healthcare sector for better care delivery. This novel investment by Intel is likely to spearhead high speed R&D developments towards developing a more robust technology hub across care delivery centers besides also enabling advanced scientific quest and R&D initiatives for adequate COVID-19 therapeutics. Intel has also made an initial donation of $10 million for sustenance of local communities through the pandemic.

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