Extended Reality Providers in Healthcare Rope in Hefty Funds to Rev up Remote Healthcare Delivery Infrastructure

Moving beyond conventional healthcare delivery system and steadily rising dependence on telehealth capabilities, the healthcare industry in recent times is proceeding towards adoption of fast track telehealth solutions with the integration of technologies such as AR and VR. VR integrated healthcare is claimed to be a pathbreaking remote healthcare delivery service which is way ahead of conventionally available healthcare system.
Several new age companies are participating exclusively to enable large scale developments in AR VR integration in healthcare. To pursue adequate advances in the same, market participants are collaborating with new age healthcare delivery service providers who are also roping in adequate funding to keep businesses thriving.
In this light, XRHealth has recently affirmed its recent development of roping in hefty funding aid worth $70M to introduce novelties in its AR VR platform for telehealth solutions. The development is envisioned to aid both clinicians and patient pools to secure a promising medical aid facility in remote locales without any compromises.
Speaking about XR Health, the company is one of the pioneering entities to have received certification for Extended Reality solutions and all its medical applications are approved by the FDA and CE. The company is also touted to have established virtual telehealth clinic functional across over 17 states, offering high end therapeutic health care services with AR VR integration.
The recent funding aid is anticipated to enable the company further expedite its offerings to include larger patient pools and clinicians offering extended reality based healthcare services. The recent funding aid received by XRHealth is likely to propagate more pathbreaking success and milestone achievements favoring current global pandemic situation owing to deadly COVID-19, that has been wrecking menacing havoc globally in the past few months.
Under present situation of global lockdown and social distancing healthcare delivery is becoming more dependence on telehealth services to enable high quality, top notch care across grassroot levels. With burgeoning needs for remote healthcare, current insurance schemes also include this variant of healthcare under insurance scheme which further encourages large scale adoption of AR VR integrated healthcare delivery.
The flowchart of AR VR healthcare delivery model commences with a maiden patient assessment formality followed by deivery of VR headsets across patient locations, especially amongst those who do not own one. The final stage is offering complete training module to patinet on how the technology is to be used to get an uninterrupted access to AR VR based healthcare delivery.

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