F&B, Pet Food Manufacturers Take to Stringent Packaging Norms to Deliver Touch-free Shopping Experience

One of the many relevant changes brought across in the F&B industry under the influence of COVID-19 outbreak has brought in enormous alterations, especially in terms of food packaging to comply with consumer safety, preferences and palatability.
The usual sight of having stacks of food items in counters, put up for display has taken a backseat and is unlikely that the trend will catch up anytime soon.
Hence, the pressing need for advanced food packaging has emerged as a highly coveted need likely to remain so in the near future, at least till the global pandemic recedes for good.
In recent times when after prolonged lockdown, businesses are contemplating to re-kindle their businesses with improved vigor and fervor, customer enticement remains highly crucial deciding factor to judge the potential of the business on the parameters of sustainability.
In this line, leading ready-to-eat food category which offers various edibles such as bakery and confectionery items are convinced to abide by stringent packaging norms.
Barring one non-salable sample for display at the counter, businesses are likely to keep and store everything well-packaged to preserve utmost, touch-free hygiene.
Notable industry players are fast exploring the bioplastic packaging category which is still in infancy stage. However, as consumer mindfulness and preferences for sustainable packaging options take leap, manufacturers are akin on opting for sustainable, bioplastic-based packaging to remain ahead in the growth trajectory.
Besides food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and more prominently cosmetic and personal care industry which is thoroughly moving forward to partake in sustainable packaging. With global pandemic challenging business dynamics, businesses across industries are contemplating novel strategies to strike unique customer belts.
Besides aforementioned businesses, pet industry which is now progressing in leaps and bounds is also adopting sustainable packaging options. To mention a case in this regard, Loop and Open Farm Pet Food have joined forces to offer products directly to the consumers against a fixed deposit amount. Once the delivery is made, consumers send back the packages to Loop for further sanitization, enabling further use.

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