FDA approves novel coronavirus testing kit from Bodysphere

The Food and Drug Administration has permitted a coronavirus test kit from Bodysphere. This kit can detect virus-related antibodies in just two minutes. The test will be installed in all the states across the country thus it will be possible to enable healthcare facilities to test and detect for signs and symptoms that the patient contracted the virus at some point.

However, the test kit is intentional for use by medical professionals or experts only.

For its COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test, the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization was given to Bodysphere. It is a lateral flow immunoassay that, according to the company, can detect COVID-19 virus antibodies in the serum, plasma and blood of the body.

The advantage of an antibody test is that it can be used to identify if someone had previously contracted COVID-19, but then recovered at the time without further testing.According to Bodysphere, the test with kit takes around two to ten minutes to give the results. Hence, which proposes that its test kit does not require extensive staff training and any lab equipment.In particular, Bodisphere states that its antibodies test is as simple as a blood sugar test, although consumers do not get direct access to the test kit. Therefore, the Bodysphere test kit has been installed for successful use in many states of the country. Further, in order to expand the availability of its test kits to hospitals and urgent healthcare facilities, company is working with state and federal health authorities. And it estimated that it will only need a week to get millions of these testing kits to install across the United States. According to the statements released of Charlton E. Lui, CEO of Bodysphere that they realized they that have ability to fight with this pandemic and step up to handle this critical situation, then they only concentrated all their resources on bringing the masks, sanitizers, test kits and other critical supplies to the front lines as soon as possible.

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