Fiji Comes up with Novel Nurseries to Advance Commercial Production, Plans Novel Launch for New Supplements

Fiji Ltd., a pharmaceutical major has been trending yet again, and this time also for all the right reasons. This Australia based pharmaceutical company dealing in unique and native sleep-inducing components, bottled commercially as kava supplements with a widespread network of global business.
The domestic sale and distribution of the product has picked up momentum since last month and has been made available across local shops and dealers.
Considering the present pandemic crisis, like most businesses, Australia’s Fiji Kava is also making a paradigm shift by opting for e-commerce and online retail, expecting to target unique and fast transforming customer expectations.
Fiji Kava has recently entered into a partnership deal with Pacific Horticultural and Agriculture Market Access Plus (PHARMA) in a bid to improve its kava offerings to effectively improve sales on both its import and export channels, thus positioning Fiji Kava as a lucrative business amidst staggering competition in global platforms.
This recent deal has been struck for a whopping $250,000 as confirmed by PHARMA officials. The partnership will be focusing on a three-tier development, focusing largely on improving market access and diversification, followed by appropriate adherence to international food standards, thereby meeting customer needs and expectations.
Lastly, the joint venture would also focus on expediting R&D endeavors thereby, bolstering growth prospects for kava based supplements which are claimed to offer peculiar benefits, thus relieving stress and insomnia, apart from other sleep disorders.
As part of the deal, there will also be new kava dedicated nurseries likely to come up shortly to drive immense commercial value. The incubated kava plants obtained from commercial nurseries will henceforth be provided to harness greater commercial value.

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