Food and Apparel Businesses Bank upon Alternate Sales Channel to Meet Consumer Demands across Geographies

Digital commerce or e-commerce platforms are unravelling novel growth prospects for market players across industries, enabling them to reach potential customers in an innovative way, besides also sustaining their current customer base.
Despite prolonged business interruption owing to sudden global pandemic outcry resulting in stringent social distancing norms and negligible operations, businesses are now re-opening businesses with a fresh zest, targeting the customer base effectively with new and improved sales channels.
In recent times, F&B and personal care industries remain at the fore front of e-retail disruptions, incorporating new sales channels and delivery models by virtue of business stand strong reinforcement chances.
In this light it is pertinent to mention the successful venture by Sally Beauty Holdings recent third quarter growth banking upon the e-commerce channel etching an overall over 550 % digital growth across the US and Canada, besides also recording over 160% growth in Europe at the completion of the first quarter.
Further, as after prolonged lockdown, as businesses have begun the un-locking process across nations, demand upsurge has been vividly cited across both the customers as well as sellers in different parts, thus resulting in a favorable spurt for various products in the personal care category. The aforementioned developments have been affirmed by reliable sources at Sally Beauty.
In parallel, in apparel business, noted brand, American Eagle has recorded a bullish growth trajectory in the last quarter, on the back of an all-pervasive online sales channel and equally high consumer preferences for online retail.
The global lock-down has significantly aided in fueling the ubiquity of online sales, thus bolstering revenue pools and strong investment returns in the last couple of months since the lockdown.
Popular sales propelling practices such as heavy discounts and other coveted deals further added to the flourishing demand surge.

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