Food Fermentation Advances Paving Way for Novel and Innovative Fermented Beverages

Fermentation is an age-old process initiated to improve and diversify the qualities of the food items such that aligning with the decisive needs of food preservation and taste enhancement for longer shelf life.
Novel advances in food fermentation comprising texture improvisation, taste enhancements and longer shelf life have kickstarted new food fermentation techniques to suit emerging market demands.
Novel events and committee presentations are leveraged annually to suit the critical needs of food fermentation technologies. Annual events and gatherings such as SHIFT20 organized by Institute of Food Technologies are pursuing the easy applicability of novel fermentation methods and tactics.
However, the developments are still in nascent stage insisted Program Manager, Joost Blankestinj who is associated with Wageningen Food and Biobased Research. He was also the main speaker and lead panelist at the recently organized event, SHIFT20 which was entitled, Unlocking Fermentation Technology.
Speaking at the event on the importance of fermentation advances for meeting the currently dominant food needs Joost Blankestijn insisted that food fermentation despite its nascency is showing promising commands in plant based fermentation to adequately improve the quality of plant-sourced food commodities that are lately emerging as ideal meat substitutes.
These budding meat alternatives are best known for their ample feature enhancements such as texture improvisation, flavor alterations as well as nutrition fortification.
These developments have rightly paved way for fermented beverages that are currently being sold and popularized globally as optimum nutrition packages.
Vegan populace who look out actively for plant sourced beverages are fast adopting these fermented beverages, adding to the versatile trend setting developments.
In this regard, fermented drinks such as kefir and kombucha have also witnessed mainstream accommodation and the trend is accelerating at a global level.
Adding about innovations, he also said that the next innovation in fermentation technology would be visible in the onset of novel spices and flavors obtained through advanced fermentation technologies to meet demand upsurge.

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