Healthcare Industry to Witness Advances in Data Science with the Recent Acquisition Deal of Symplur by W20

San Francisco based company, W2O Group which is a specialized marketing solutions provider, has recently made a significant investment by acquiring social media platform, Symplur that is a veteran in offering specialized services and solutions in the realm of data analytics and technological aid that is likely to steer novel technological sophistication in healthcare industry.
W2O in conjunction with Symplur has collaborated further with California Life Sciences Association to optimally and precisely track specifically the current situation encompassing COVID-19 healthcare developments, new developments and trends that together affect the healthcare system as a whole.
With this acquisition story in place, W2O will be able to position itself more lucidly amongst its end-users by harnessing maximum social media data. Symplur is known for its high end specially designed social media data analytics platform that specifically customizes tailor made products to suit the interests of healthcare providers.
Jim Weiss who founded W2O said that the flagship technology of Sumplur is high crucial and beneficial in identifyinbg and striking new possibilities and developments in healthcare industry. This recent acquisition of Symplur will help W20 to further consolidate its data analytics capabilities specially in healthcare industry. During such trying times as COVID-19 outbreak, this development is likely to kindle a major development spurt with novel healthcare offerings.
The development will enable W2O to accurately identify unique social media trends in the gamut of patient pools, and advocates, physicians as well as life sciences and diagnostic professionals, besides also including relevant data from government and academic institutions.
W2O envisions to further improve and expand its data and technology offerings to sync with end-use healthcare industry, more particularly, pharmaceutical companies as well as government bodies such as National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). The acquisition also makes for the fifth acquisition in a row completed in a span of nine months.
Instantaneous real time data is highly crucial in these testing times of global pandemic. Hence healthcare industry is closely tracking recent developments to keep close eye on COVID-19 developments, in a bid to re-design healthcare developments to sync with ongoing plight, so as to limit healthcare burden.

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