How the Current Pandemic Raises Concerns for Delayed Diagnostics for Cancer

In the wake of widespread global pandemic that is systematically claiming lives all over the globe, has also paved way for some quick opportunities in medical fraternity, beginning with novel highly efficient diagnostic kit, specially designed for cancer patients.
Considering the need for routine check-up for cancer patients, frequent hospital visits are turning out to be hazardous, as they pose the risk of virus transmission when most hospitals have been transformed into COVID-19 treatment hubs. This situation certainly calls in for a more robust home-based cancer diagnostic kit to avert further transmission and health complications for cancer patients.
Owing to considerable risks involved amongst cancer patients, who often undergo immunosuppression caused by cancer treatment procedure, the risks of disease transmission remains visibly higher amongst less immune cancer patients.
Further, developments are ripe towards achieving significant breakthroughs in COVID-19 antibody test. Launched in April this year, UK RTC (Rapid Test Consortium) led by notable UK based scientists and medical product manufacturers from Abingdon Health have attained considerable breakthrough in developing new COVID-19 antibody test tom combat against rapidly spreading corona virus.
The UKRTC was conceptualized and put in place to make notable advances in procuring dependable antibody test kits to ascertain the agility of one’s immune system and its infection resistance.
The development is a significant milestone etched to effectively make advances in rapid test design and manufacturing aligning with need specifications. This is likely to be followed by mass scale production of the testing kit, thus bolstering COVID-19 diagnostics in several significant ways.
The antibody test kit has been developed by Abingdon Health in complete collaboration with Oxford University scientists. This new antibody test is also being further developed by UK Health and Social Care unit to make significant progress.

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