Integrated Voice Response and PBX Connectivity to Enable Hassle-free Client Communication during Work from Home Schedules

As the year 2020 seems to have been entangled in the global outbreak of deadly disease, novel COVID-19, countries across the world are striving to maintain maximum health balance while keeping fresh cases at minimum, corporates and businesses are swiftly adapting to new work norms with work from the home facility as the close respite. However, challenges of limited access to office-based tools and crucial need to balance between work and home, besides child care are anticipated to threaten productivity. Thus, it becomes highly recommended to prepare in terms of home-based tools that enable seamless productivity amongst employees right in the safety of their homes.

Remote working, however, is not an alien concept that has suddenly emerged during a global pandemic. It is rather a concept that is gradually approaching mainstream acceptance, favoring productivity and sustainability. IN this regard, new technological leaps such as cloud-based mobile-optimized communication tools are attaining ready acceptance for superlative business communication, thereby taking the burden off telecom and channelizing it completely across the digital sphere. The development is crucial in easing off the burden from location-based bottlenecks and therefore benefitting voice-based businesses.

During testing times of self-quarantine and lockdown phase, the likelihood of in-person meetings and business get-togethers are steadily taking a back seat to avert further spread of the disease. This certainly calls in for advanced communication practices such as video conferencing as well as call or a text-based communication network to keep businesses running without compromising health and safety. Online video enablement platforms such as Zoom is rising high in popularity at the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, followed by necessary home-based work schedules.

Additionally, the PBX phone system which allows employees to virtually integrate their own handsets with their respective organization’s PBX system while taking and receiving calls irrespective of their location. Additionally, employees are also depending largely on integrated customized interactive voice response system that allows them to customize a voice response as a standard greeting for all client-based incoming calls.

Technological developments as such come in handy, allowing businesses to continue normal functioning even in the wake of physical quarantine and social distancing. Cloud-based operations are therefore the next big thing in remote work structure that does not require employees to visit offices and partake in transactions in person. Cloud enablement is the next big leap beyond conventional email, text and call facilities towards a more fulfilling remote working environment.

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