Japanese Animation Venture Likely to be Investing in the US and Indian Markets, Targeting Business Expansion

Animation is a full-fledged industry and there is no looking back for it as anime is witnessing stark adoption across verticals such as gaming and media content alike. This has been making new headways for various commercial agreements as well as geographical expansion by leading companies, aiming for uncompromised revenue pools. IN this light, and as part of new strategic development, which is a Japan based animation company is all geared up to make some head-on investments in India before the year 2020 wraps up.
Several top-notch companies with advanced animation capabilities are fast expediting their businesses with lucrative business strategies such as geographical expansion being one of the most primary amongst them. Recently, Japan based animation provider, Akatsuki of popular game, Dragon Ball fame is all geared up to pave animation content in Indian market in the year 2020-21. To make this venture highly remunerative, the company is investing in dubbed animation content in several popular local languages to entice mass adoption.
The company also boasts of a massive corpus funding worth $50 million, directed to steer investments and business expansions across all of the US and India. The company has already begun initial investments, as many as 15 big investments the previous year alone, one of the most significant investment recently is Blume Ventures, besides which the company is moving forward rapidly to establish connections with local distributors and businesses, dealing in entertainment, media and content at large. The company is also touted to engage in funding expeditions governing startups and SMES. One recent funding that Akatsuki is supporting is India based StayAbode, a co-living start-up.
Akatsuki also boasts of a joint venture with Too Kyo Games wherein the duo is soon to launch their mutual venture, Tribe Nine which is a novel IP joint development project. The latest teaser is also out and has garnered considerable eyeballs in a short duration. The project revolves mainly around a fictional locale, bearing similarities with 23 Wards of Tokyo, with two extreme gangs fighting against each other, battling for prestige recovery.

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