Japan’s Mitsubishi Nods for a New Manufacturing Facility in Myanmar, Plans for Extensive Southeast Asian Expansion

Japan’s leading automotive companies Mitsubishi Motors is trending yet again for its stellar steps towards facility expansion.
The company has made public announcements confirming its next investment towards establishing its maiden facility in Myanmar as the latter is making significant strides towards pro industrialization.
Mitsubishi is a legacy automaker that is famed of building over a million cars annually that are designed and developed across several development plants and distribution centers across the globe.
The company also boasts of a highly sophisticated research and development centers spread across various locations to ensure seamless development and progress for advanced automotive engineering.
With this new upcoming location at Myanmar, the company is hopeful to strike a new geographical expedition for enhanced global reach.
The various geographic locales where the company holds sheer dominance comprise Asian countries of Indonesia, China, Philippines and Thailand.
Latest performance review of the company suggests an optimistic growth trajectory of Mitsubishi across these specific geographical locales, hence its upcoming venture at Myanmar.
Speaking at a public event Mitsubishi spokesperson, Nikkei Mitsubishi, the presiding CEO of the company has affirmed the company’s strong inclination and commitment to expedite businesses al across Southeast Asia.
He further added that all the initiatives initiated by the company needs to first be in alignment with the Mitsubishi Group that holds a total 20% holding and also remains a one stop solution for all crucial information pertaining to Myanmar market environments.
Further, the company has also ensured about its recent aggressive investments worth over $75 million in one of its plants, Mizushima to further accelerate its design commitment towards next generation electric cars or light automobile, aligning with stringent regulatory norms for environmental sustainability.

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