KFC Inches into Plant-based Food Offerings, Opens Novel Outlets in Hong Kong

New Era Plant-based Series specializing only in exclusive plant-based food products is witnessing a quick launch activity across a few Hong Kong locales.
The big leap in new age meat substitute development is pioneered by KFC which is lately collaborating with diverse organizations and industry veterans to propel growth in the plant-based food products market, still in its infancy.
In this regard, KFC has successfully collaborated with US plant-based production behemoths under the brands the New Era Nuggets, a proprietary creation from Alpha Foods and the New Era Burger a flagship development from Gardein. The collaborations are likely to be maneuvered under the leadership of Green Monday.
The development comes after a recent consumer -based survey commissioned by Green Monday, following a massive paradigm shift in consumer eating habits in Hong Kong denoting exceptional rise in preferences for meat substitutes.
Need to adopt healthy eating and food consumption patterns has motivated modern consumers to bank upon plant-based products, resulting in sharp dip in animal-based consumption habits. These turns of events have categorically shaped the recent business collaborations between KFC, Gardein and Alpha Foods.
The recent innovation is also likely to be supported by innovative platter and also a home delivery option on additional charges to cope up with the restrictions posed by virus outbreak.
The collaboration is taking in account pertinent details such as use of strictly non-GMO plant sources as well as aversion from synthetic hormone ingredients.
The New Era Burger which is a Gardein specialty use soy, peas and wheat apart from organically sourced veggies and grains as major ingredients. The burger is touted to have no cholesterol and saturated fat and is served on a platter containing cheese and salad dressing. A vegan friendly option is also available excluding dressing and cheese.

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