Lenovo Partners with Vianova Health to Purse Breakthrough Advances in Telehealth Care for Elderly

Amidst prolonged lock-down and physical distancing becoming more pervasive and ubiquitous on the back of surged pandemic implications, remote healthcare attributes are undergoing decisive long-term changes to align with present consumer needs.
Several market players across industries are also contemplating joint ventures with healthcare providers to enable tangible healthcare benefits.
In this light, it is vital to mention the latest initiative by computer manufacturing veteran, Lenovo who is fast doling out new and improved remote virtual care solutions specifically catering to the needs of home healthcare.
The company has affirmed its next venture to commercialize and promote novel remote virtual care solution designed to meet the home-based care needs, especially for patient pools identified with chronic ailments.
The newly launched virtual care enablement solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of remote healthcare, however, the focus is mainly towards elderly care.
The latest development by Lenovo is in collaboration with Vianova Health. The latter is a notable establishment in healthcare delivery, best known for its offerings in AI and voice enabled healthcare to mitigate the loopholes in healthcare delivery.
Vianova has been a trending company for a while owing to its pioneering advances in designing virtual health assistant to adequately address the complications of chronic ailment patients. The health assistant is designed to offer improved, fast track, end-to-end evidence-based care solutions across populations.
In the words of Lenovo Global Manager, Healthcare Solutions, telehealth technology is emerging as a dire need and the trend has been further validated by the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic that has lend telehealth care market enormous growth opportunities.
Lenovo Virtual Care is therefore in place to address the chronic healthcare needs of patients especially the elderly to optimize overall healthcare spending that seems to grow profusely periodically.

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