Manufacturing Industry Braces AI Powered Miniature Robots for Predictive Maintenance

With speculations on global economic meltdown doing the rounds, industries such as manufacturing are trying to cope up with the slew of events, enabling new trends to sustain the impact. Adoption of AR and VR applications with the incorporation of IoT are aimed at rightfully bridging the gaps in human and machine convergence to facilitate maximum profit generation amidst stark economic risks. AR is the probable next gem human machine interface that essentially fills the gaps with innovative human-machine interactions. This is especially true in pursuing automation in workplaces. Manufacturing industry is fast syncing in the upgraded manufacturing facility, complete with computer generated environments, effectively collaborating visual and real dimensions.

The next big revolutionary development in manufacturing industry is the excellence in predictive maintenance which are robot mediated. In a recent development, automotive veteran, Rolls-Royce is increasingly vouching for miniature sized AI robots adopted for predictive maintenance that are helpful aids to minimize down time of machinery as well as also save on expenditure pertaining to elaborate maintenance.

Predictive maintenance continues to remain at the forefront of industrial 4 revolution despite a sluggish economic growth.IN this regard, predictive maintenance is an upcoming advancement augmented by data analytics and monitoring to enable accurate maintenance needs well ahead in time. This underscores novel collaborative efforts to justify planned mergers and long term business deals favoring advanced predictive maintenance developments in the coming years.

Edge computing company Litmus has entered into a definitive agreement with Baumier Automation to offer predictive analytics support in native language for advanced technical assistance, thus incurring optimum results in real time. Baumier has a strong legacy of IoT compliant industrial network across Brazil and the recent partnership is anticipated to further enable Baumier establish rich IoT based manufacturing and industrial verticals in the region.

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