Microsoft Affirms Hibob Collaboration, Integrates bob HR for Improved Remote Workflow

As part of its future-ready investment decision, Hibob has merged on a business front with Microsoft to enhance employee productivity and encourage employee engagement by ensuring real-time information dissemination regarding company related developments to adequately and efficiently connect employees and also enable HR activities.
As start-up which began in 2015, Hibob was built to offer unique services and solutions, pacing up with fast transforming workplaces.
Inclusion of a data driven decision procedure enabled formation of Hibob, its most talked about invention, bob is a HCM platform operated, to accurately synchronize workflow across workstations.
The development is expected to harness accurate program developments benefitting both hybrid and remote workflow.
The idea of the recently integrated offering is to accelerate and bolster HR operations with more efficiency and transparency, thereby augmenting employee productivity.
If the company sources are to be believed, in a recently conducted survey by Hibob, over 70% of workforce demonstrated higher efficiency and completion rate despite remote work culture from home, aligning with containment norms.
One of the many attributes of Bob is the seamless onboarding process that it successfully renders during remote onboarding formalities.
The development is expected to coin higher sense of inclusion and engagement amongst newly joined employees in a remote work environment.
Additional features such as cheering, encouraging shout-outs and kudos are also included in the newly launched bob HR solution to celebrate employee success and achievements.
Further, the platform also enables employee engagement by identifying common interests of employees and subsequently grouping them based on those common interests.
Commenting on this vital development, Hibob CEO, Ronnie Zehavi said that since its launch, Hibob has consistently witnessed favorable growth and its collaboration with industry stalwarts such as Microsoft is a significant step to enhance company’s footfall amidst staggering competition, besides also improving user experience in a remote work environment.

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