Netflix Ups its Games with Novel Partnerships on the Cards

Netflix and Walt Disney are up for a neck to neck competition, and in doing the same has concentrated mainly on anime offerings to suit modern millennial customers’ needs and expectations. The streaming veteran which has over the years excelled in anime for a consolidated 158 million subscribers is slowly and steadily planning to up its game with distinctive anime offerings, aligning with competition strategy of Warner Media led HBO Max, Disney and Apple. Recent developments suggest Netflix’s upcoming business strategies to support the content of original creators encompassing popular shows comprising the likes of Eden and Ultraman. These recent developments are also likely to be followed by famed content such as Oscar winning, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro besides several others.
If sources are to be believed, according to Japan based Netflix Director, Derderian. Japan has always considered working in collaboration with Hollywood and has been consistently offering steady content for the same.
Future expeditions are also envisioned to oscillate in these same lines. Netflix is willing to explore the vast possibilities that lay ahead with ubiquitous adoption of smart gadgets and devices that continue to consistently appease never ending consumers ‘expectations for on demand viewing via streaming applications, as opposed to other conventional and physical media.
These developments are fast transforming the entire streaming industry at large. Nelflix also boasts of a novel partnership and business collaboration with Israeli based telecom company, Partner Communications. As part of the collaboration, Partner TV and Netflix content will all be available on the streaming app at a mutually decided package of NIS 99 a month and advanced 4K STB, inclusive of voice search and catch-up service that enables automatic recording. According to Netflix BP VP, EMEA Maria Ferreras, the company is looking forward to taste significant rise in subscription numbers, also enabling seamless penetration in Israel.

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