New Health Fortification Ingredient Revolutionizes Supplement Vertical

Sensus derived ingredients comprising chicory insulin and oligofructose are known for high end potentiality for sugar replacement.
These ingredients are also used as effective fat reducing agents that lead to a highly healthy microbiome to enable optimum wellbeing and overall state of health.
The ingredients are also attributed to a very healthy and effective microbiome that aids in rendering optimum state of health and wellbeing.
These effective health fortifying ingredients are obtained naturally from chicory roots, in compliance with ISO guidelines.
With enormous rise in consumer preferences for healthy food consumption patterns, adoption of these ingredients derived from chicory roots is witnessing a steady rise.
In a recent development, Sensus has obtained an approval from Thailand Food and Drug Administration for its capabilities to produce highly beneficial components that stabilize microbiome balance by producing bifidobacterium in the intestine.
The development is in alignment with the preferences and expectations for health enthusiasts. Sensus has filed for the Thai FDA approval to be used in food packaging substantiating the same with concrete scientific evidence.
In the words of Sing Sing Tiong who chairs the Technical Sales Management division of Sensus Asia, prior to the declaration and approval by Thai FDA for use as adequate fat and sugar replacement prebiotic, chicory root was termed only as a dietary fiber, with no specified differentiation from synthetic fibers.
However, now, post the approval, the ingredient is likely to gain further impetus in the coming years, directly influencing food supplement space.
The development is likely to further aid Sensus’s commercialization of its product, Frutafit and Frutalose which are insulin and oligofructose respectively. The Thai FDA approval is set to be used on the labels of the aforementioned products, thus accelerating sales manifold.

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