New Home-based DNA Test Kit in Place to Push Myriad’s Lead in Molecular Diagnostics

Significant developments on the cards concerning precision medicine and molecular diagnostics as industry veteran, Myriad Genetics affirms substantial market advances.
The company’s flagship product for risk stratification for breast cancer records new milestones in polygenic risk score component of the tool.
The company has released valuable publications of clinical value that validate the tool’s efficacy in making accurate predictions concerning breast cancer especially in cases with asymptomatic dominance.
Thus, the recent tool development is likely to optimally mitigate risks, more specifically amongst women who report pathogenic mutations.
Further, Myriad has also attained milestones with the recent launch of a home-based testing kit, aligning with its already existing product, GeneSight Psychotropic test that mediates home-based DNA sample test which is conventionally a clinical procedure.
This newly designed patient centric testing kit is a significant milestone in home-based testing, though the kit ought to be ordered by a healthcare professional with up-to-date license.
The order and delivery procedure is quite hassle-free and practical, commencing with the order placement by physicians, followed by a door-step delivery to the patients. Post the test undertaken by patients, the sample can be directly sent to Myriad Lab which is a state-of-the-art laboratory for various medical procedures.
The recent portfolio diversification with a full-fledged patient centric DNA home testing kit is in place to aid Myriad’s longstanding objective to spearhead expansion of customer base, aimed at diversifying the market for its molecular diagnostic testing offerings.
The development of a patient friendly DNA testing kit is a highly vital breakthrough to align with the current crisis of the global pandemic that has also influenced advances in telemedicine, thus the discerning need for home-based testing. With persistent challenges in physical doctor visits owing to lingering physical distancing norms, this recent development is expected to align optimally with telemedicine.

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