New Webinar on IoT and Digital Transformation Launched by Latvian Ambassador

Towards developing an enhanced platform for Information Technology several countries across emerging and developed countries are making steady progress in initiating novel activities towards bridging the gap in Information Technology dissemination.
In this light, Eitesal (Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance) has recently announced the launch of a webinar under the title, ‘Digital Transformation in the Age of Internet of Things’ aided by Embassy of Latvia.
The purpose of the webinar was to effectively assess and evaluate the level of innovation in digital transformation in Latvia under the influence of IoT technologies that is witnessing relentless growth, advances and growth across industries.
Echoing other contemporary webinars and seminars, this Egyptian IT based seminar also commenced with a crucial introductory word from the reverend Ilmārs Breidaks who is currently holding the place Latvian Ambassador. He specifically referred to the immense progress made by Egypt towards advanced IT operations and dissemination at the grass root levels, thus stepping steadily towards IoT era.
The webinar specifically highlighted the need for symbiotic relationship between Latvia and Egypt to harness favorable investments towards progressive IT dissemination. Signe Balina who is currently heading the Latvian ICTA specified her decisive role in the sector and assured about her commitment towards fueling IT developments further.
In Egypt Information and communication milestones are further attaining great heights as ICT integration picks momentum in healthcare sector. The respected spokespersons at the webinar further recognized the crucial role ICT is likely to play amidst the unprecedented outbreak of COVID 19 when healthcare development has become highly indispensable. Hence, the role of ICT in healthcare for desired output and care delivery amongst patients.
Egypt based Tanta University is also carrying out a study to evaluate the many challenges faced by healthcare industry to effectively integrated ICT in care delivery matrix.

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