Non-alcoholic Beverages in Craft Beer Category to Witness Growth Upsurge

Craft beer is one of the steadily rising categories of consumer goods which though is restricted by surged health awareness amongst millennial population who often deter the drink owing to its high calorie value. However, even amidst such speculations craft beer continues to witness a sturdy demand ratio globally, especially with the vast multitude of customization and flavors availability. At an annual craft beer event, Great America Beer Festival which took place in October last year, six novel beer categories were introduced further diversifying the product category even more. This is certainly owing to tremendous and constantly surging consumer demands for high end beverage.
One of the most popular trends in craft beer is the resurrection of non-alcoholic beer. Breweries are fast diversifying the category to pace up with popular customer choice and preferences. Emergence of new beer brands specifically the non-alcoholic ones is a novel trend which is far beyond a passing phase.
Leading breweries on the back of relentless growth prospects for craft beer are considering new product categories as well as facility expansion initiatives to comply with large scale growth. IN this regard, No-Li Brewhouse one of the leading breweries is touted to expand its geographical presence with facility expansion in Spokane to encourage craft beer tasting, beer tours and community programs. The new facility likely to come up at Spone River is also a good opportunity increase jobs and has the potential to maneuver over a hundred jobs in the area.
Further in craft beer space, Pasco Country has recently agreed to a funding spree to encourage development initiatives in craft beer, allowing the Tampa brewery to inaugurate a new brewery that will allow facilitation of a beer garden and restaurant space with availability of event locale.

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