Novel ASLAN Project Rolled Out to Support Autonomous Driving for Beginners

A new project has recently been launched by various stakeholders such as enterprises, R&D initiatives led universities, self driving hardware and software professionals and the like who are working together to unleash a new project under the name, ASLAN to popularize and bolster large scale adoption of autonomous driving technology.
The project offers seamless plug and play facility to popularize self driving capabilities without the access to even driverless vehicle hardware.
The newly launched project is in place to offer seamless access to autonomous driving, making it safe under set protocols and in complete compliance with highway driving trials.
The software is available as plug and play format, available as a simulation package who do not have an access to driverless vehicle hardware.
The software is free to download and the resource houses a diverse array of data resource available across over twenty autonomous, driverless cars which are deployed across a diversified locales wherein trials are underway, ranging from the UK to Hong Kong.
The software is available for engineers, interested in autonomous engineering and has been mindfully crafted by qualified engineers.
The project, ASLAN also houses elaborate tutorials and quick to start guides for easy reference and adoption by beginners who can attain the basic skill to function on an autonomous vehicle in less than an hour.
This novel launch of a dedicated project for autonomous driving is to encourage self-driving experience at a more feasible level to encourage quick deployment at various levels and the newly launched project is keen on including more enthusiasts to the cause from across enterprises. The aforementioned has been validated by ASLAN member and StreetDrone CEO, Mike Potts.
Advances in 5G connectivity and imminent launch of 5G capabilities on a large scale globally is expected to bode well with autonomous driving.

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