Novel Breakthroughs in PCR and qPCR Diagnostic Tests Cited in COVID-19 Diagnostics

New developments in diagnostic care a d medical therapeutics for COVID-19 has surfaced up tremendously in the past few weeks with several countries playing crucial role in healthcare development. A recent development in healthcare industry surfaced up with the emergence of a new PCR tests for COVID-19.
The company which is best known for its extensive range of blood tests focusing primarily on cancer and neurodegenerative disorders has successfully come up with this new testing format following a thorough distribution agreement with Gnomegen LLC.
The companies will focus vigorously in the commercialization and large-scale availability of Digital PCR and qPCR intended for use in COVID 19 testing and diagnostics.
The distribution will be carried out enormously across several places in Europe, North America, Latin America, as well as parts of Southeast Asia. It is also vital to bear in mind that Gnomegan developed qpCR test has also recently belted an EUA certification from FDA for its qPCR test indicated for COVID-19 earlier this month. This development is a crucial and vital one and is likely to add a different twist in the global treatment approach pertaining COVID 19 pandemic that has set the world under an eerie halt.
Additionally, to enable flawless and quick test results with negligible discrepancies, companies re increasing the payment charges of the testing kits. In this line, the pricing of high throughput SARS COVID -19 diagnostic tests that make use of high throughput testing technologies has been elevated to $100 per test in order to gather flawless test results with bare minimal anomalies at a considerably shorter duration.
ON an average a high throughput test conducting diagnostic lab successfully facilitates roughly 200 specimens each day with the help of extremely sophisticated and high-end testing equipment that calls for high expertise and skill set to handle ultra-sensitive test for superlative test outcome. This recent development by Todos is expected to impressively increase testing rates to over 2000 a day with no additional equipment and lab facility. Further, recent developments also suggest that these tests can be increased to over 7000 a given day in the coming months, if executed optimally. The development is a massive growth determinant in the current initiatives surrounding COVID-19 testing, diagnostics and eventual therapeutics. Todos Medical is acknowledged as a top notch distribution agent across testing labs and diagnostic centers globally and is highly valued for its complex CLIA laboratories across the US. The organization remains completely equipped with uninterrupted access to high end digital PCR and qPCR components and RNA extraction reagents. Todos Medical is an Israel based diagnostic tools solution provider that is currently working diligently towards achieving breakthrough success on COVID 19 diagnostics.

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