Obayashi Corporation Invests in Robotic Integration of Dam Construction to Ensure Seamless Installation

One of the most trending developments in building and construction space is robotics integration which is likely to herald revolutionary developments in construction that are en route to becoming new best industry practices.
Aligning with this new development is the upcoming venture by Obayashi Corporation which is now investing in robotic integration in its next venture for dam building project at Japan’s Mie Prefecture.
Triggers such as acute labor deficit and a constantly fast aging labor force that have resulted in quick robotic integration.
The likelihood of the dam construction is estimated to be around 2023 as the company is still at its preliminary stages of construction and integration.
Dam construction as affirmed by company officials is a highly time and labor-intensive practice however with robotic integration this procedure is anticipated to be highly improved with quicker visible output.
Other features such as reduced human indicated errors are also likely to be amply reversed with new robotic procedures becoming common practices.
Speaking further on this, Dept Head, Dam Technology, Obayashi, further said that the new expert knowledge for machine techniques helps to have quicker access to dam technology and also aids in advanced evaluation and assessment of the activities to ensure seamless integration and quick dam technology facilitation.
The dimensions of the dam have been confirmed to be 84 m high and around 335 m wide after completion.
The initial construction phase which includes concrete installation within the actual structure is supposed to be monitored by remote computers.
Remote controlled computers are designated to overlook the performance of the tower cranes that actually perform concrete installation within the structure, besides also taking note of the concrete partition and the overall construction prognosis.
The project is supposedly eliminate human intervention as far as possible.

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