Restaurants and Takeaway Kiosks Reinforce Business with New Contactless Delivery Channel

After the harsh blow struck by COVID-19 havoc, rendering most industries to a screeching halt, especially restaurants and hospitality segments, several stakeholders in the hospitality sector are brainstorming on effective route to normalcy such that their businesses pace up to meet the need of the hour.
In this initiative, several hotels, restaurants and food delivery organizations are specifically banking upon advanced technology to meet the needs of food security and customer safety. All conventional methods of business operations are being denounced for the better, such that all threats of plausible virus transmission get significantly averted.
In this line, contactless delivery structure is taking shape in recent years and is significantly enabling the mega thrust required to start afresh all pending businesses across verticals such as consumer goods, food delivery as well as hotels and restaurants alike.
Industry stalwarts such as Dominos Pizza are making considerable headway with the novel investment in contactless delivery architecture. The company has affirmed its massive transformation in its operational flow and service delivery system, to align with rising consumer preferences for safety and quality, thus completely eliminating physical contact in the delivery value chain.
Just recently, Dominos Pizza has unleashed its recent investment on contactless delivery. The new setting is a carside delivery system that customers can avail of from various points in the US. Customers need to make a prepaid e-commerce order for the same. With this new feature in place, Dominos has been making healthy business progress even amidst lockdown as the delivery mode is completely contactless.
Following suit as Dominos Pizza, other major food businesses such as Jack in the Box also opted for contactless delivery. The company boasts of of over 70% of drive in customers and roughly 15% takeaway customers. However, with the lockdown in place, the company made the wise choice of contactless delivery to survive through the pandemic.

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