SaaS-based Advertising Practices Pioneers Novel Developments in Advertising and Digital Marketing

Well, with most of the global population accessing internet services for diverse purposes such as work, online reading, online games, online retail and the ubiquitous social networking presence, advances in SaaS based solutions are witnessing multilayered developments and opportunity expansion.
The same may be concluded for digital marketing practices as well. Thus, advertising on digital platforms as well as SaaS based activities and enterprises practices are poised to witness tremendous growth spurt in the coming years according to several research experts.
In this line, Asian developing nations are scoring fairly impressively, such as China’s favorable internet pervasiveness on the back of soaring tech savvy populace. Advances as such are overpowering humble work process of conventionally used advertising media, both print and electronic.
Companies such as China’s iClick Interactive Asia Group is one of the fastest growing businesses, offering a multitude of services in online advertising, promotion, marketing and in promoting SaaS all across China.
In its attempt to steer further in online advertising and SaaS specialist has successfully launched its recommendation management wing pertaining to meet growing demands across tourism and hospitality industries which are buzzing with spurring tourism content.
iClick has been doing business for quite some time as a reputed online marketing and data solution expert. This latest venture is a collaborative efforts between iClick and tourism expert, Tencent Culture and Tourism.
Other stakeholders in the development include China based Tencent Culture and Tourism. The dismal conditions of hospitality sector is expected to gain grounds of revival with such novel avenues such as SaaS, believe several hospitality and tourism veterans. All the vital details such as data collection across terminals and user behavior analysis to accurately map user needs and preferences in real time are expected to aid tourist industry with immense actionable insights to explore untapped opportunities.

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