Start-ups Inch towards Significant AR/VR Investments to Offer Novel Business Models and Corporate Training Platforms

VRAI is one of the most promising VR/AR adopters and a start-up aimed at creating a gamut of VR simulation complying with hazardous environments. The company boasts of key clients such as Pfizer and IAG. The company’s flagship AR VR integrated training program is branded HEAT (Hazardous Environment Awareness Trainer ) to accelerate safety, training and performance capabilities.
Need to reduce reliance and dependence on human interactions is likely to further swell up scope and growth opportunities in AR VR adoption across enterprises across industries. Some of the most obvious reasons that has enabled fast integration of AR VR technologies across industries rests on enterprise need for rendering highest level of employee training and communication, complying with enterprise objectives to ensure flawless and seamless employee performance.
The recent work culture with social distancing and lockdown remaining major development changes to withstand the implications of Covid-19 a deadly virus that has instilled a new fright in globally. This new development in corona virus pandemic and associated lockdown are likely to spur further reliance on advanced technologies such as AR and VR integration to suit with new enterprise developments and needs.
Deep Technology with advances in AR and VR capabilities is believed to be the most widespread and obvious reflections of the global pandemic, necessary for normal business activities. Several recent research reports hint at the R integration in media, advertising and entertainment industries. To enable steady and uninterrupted access for listeners unable to enjoy real live performances are depending largely on AR ad VR technologies to enjoy real time experiences.
Enterprises investing in AR and VR functionalities are banking upon immersive adoption of AR and VR functionalities to render top notch business deliverables in terms of efficiency such as employee training and communication besides using it optimally in HR and recruitment activities. Employee training remains a core functionality of digital enterprises.

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