Swedish Healthtech Company in Indonesia Granted Patent for Supervision of Medical Devices

Healthtech company from Indonesia, Brighter, has been granted a new patent related to the computer driver supervision of medical devices. The same patent has previously been granted in Parts of Europe and South Korea. This time it is granted in Indonesia to improve the functioning of portable medical devices.

This newly granted patent offers rights to a system enabling AI (Artificial Intelligence) supervision of mobile medical device.  This system is implemented within the Company’s diabetes management device called “Actiste”. It comes handy to decide whether this device need any replacement, or repair.

Brighter’s chairman of the board and innovator, said:” For patient’s safety perspective this patent comes with great importance. It is highly important that injection devices operate perfectly and in a reliable way.”

In addition to this, such injection devices usually carried by different users which likely to get exposed to several external factors. These factors may include chock, temperature changes, or humidity in case user drops the device.

“It is also important for company to be able to monitor this device remotely with the help of advance AI technology. It helps to quickly recognize a specific problem to make needed changes or replacement for the particular product in case user is not aware regarding it.”

The company has office in Jakarta, and a special team dedicated to exploring Actiste diabetes management as a service across the area. They are working for proper functioning of such medical devices ensuring break free service.

CEO of Brighter added said,” In Indonesia, there are 20 million people living across 17, 500 islands. There are certainly several benefits in bringing digital connected community. Additionally, connected diabetes is independent of regional area. With focus on collecting data regarding the healthcare and communicating digital feedback, it can bring huge number of benefits.”

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