Swiss-based Surfactant Company Invests in Facility Expansion across Europe and the US

The global pandemic’s aftermath on business performance across industries is severely damaged, to say the least. However, there is still room for the silver lining though when it comes to some businesses.
The surfactants industry has been preparing for notable changes and upgrades, and the reasons for the same are plenty with marked scope for hearty applause, on the back of novel innovations.
In this regard, the progress made by sustainable surfactants is undeniable and the trend is likely to remain dominant in the coming months. The mantra for sustainable surfactants that catch buyer attention revolves around affordability and high performance.
To say the least, what lies in store is a new and improved version of biodegradable, eco-friendly surfactant with unparalleled efficacy, talking in terms of previous versions.
Considering their sourcing point, which certainly is renewable raw materials, sustainable surfactants, alternatively known as biosurfactants are markedly varied from their chemical counterpart, aligning perfectly with fast transitioning consumer preferences for bio-based consumption tendencies.
Of-late, backed by tremendous consumer demands, bio-based green surfactants found their way into ingredient list of oral care products, hair care aids, as well as personal care and cosmetics offerings.
With global pandemic affected by COVID-29 outbreak the trend is far from fading out as hygiene and cleanliness remain largely integral.
In this line, surfactant producers are eagerly expanding their production capacities to sync with rising demands.
Lately, Swiss based surfactant producer, Clariant has aggressively invested in expanding the production capacity of its production firm in the US and Europe to offer high end isethionates. used as mild surfactants across a range of products for improved lather formulation.
IN the words of Christian Vang, Global Head for Consumer Specialties affirmed the company’s motivated investments towards developing high end yet mild cleaning formulations especially for sensitive skin and to suit demands for natural ingredients. This latest development of capacity expansion for biodegradable surfactants is likely to suit various end-user demands.

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