Taiwan Denmark Join Forces to Develop Novel COVID-19 Test Kit with 90% Accuracy

IN the wake of COVID-19 pandemic that has left the world in a state of complete bewilderment, several countries are pushing their limits exorbitantly to come up with new and advanced testing kits in order to identify affected individuals for both symptomatic as well as asymptomatic patients. Besides running solo in pursuit of advanced testing kits, several countries are also entering into commercial collaborations with other countries as well as top notch companies to come up with new and improved version of COVID-19 testing kits.
IN this regard, Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology has recently affirmed its collaboration with BluSense Diagnostics as well as Ten Chen Medical Group. BluSense Diagnostics is a Taiwan and Denmark based diagnostic company. The collaboration has resulted in the formation of new diagnostic test kit specially designed for corona virus testing.
The virus which has set the global clock into an indefinite standstill. The latest test kit is a class apart as it is claimed to give an accuracy range of over 90 %. The detection is carried out in only twelve odd minutes and is acquired from only one drop of blood. The test is believed to work wonders especially in identifying new COVID-19 cases with asymptomatic disease prognosis, as well as the test is also expected to be helpful in monitoring recovered patients who are discharged from hospitals, so that chances of further relapse of the disease is comprehended timely.
The first clinical trials of the diagnostic test kit were initially carried out in Denmark’s Hvidovre Hospital which is touted as the second largest testing and medical care facility of the country. Further testing initiatives are likely to take place across hospitals in Italy in the upcoming week. Latest reports also hint the plausible approval of the testing kit from EU, rendering it a valid certification for complete diagnostic use in the later half of this month.
The first wave of development and testing were successfully aided by MOST Germination program that was first developed way back in 2011. The primary aim of this development was to adequately support technological advances, innovations and new pathbreaking developments in medical history.
Testing remains an integral factor in containing the deadly virus from wrecking further dismay and havoc. However, testing remains critically affected and flawed resulting in poor diagnostics. This initiative by Bluesense is anticipated to tangibly offset recurrent challenges in diagnostics and therapeutic development in COVID-19 cases.

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