Tech Investment Veteran Silver Lake Acquires Cent Percent Stakes in SaaS-based HR Software Company, Silae

Noted service and solutions provider Silae, best known for its exquisite line of cloud-based HR software and payroll services across France has been recently acquired by Silver Lake.
The agreement allows the latter to claim cent percent of the total stakes at Silae, however, as per the agreement, shareholders at Silae are likely to remain rooted in the business despite the acquisition.
Silver Lake is a front-line veteran, specializing in technology investment. In the words of the founding member, Jean-Paul Bagou, Silae has carved a niche for itself as a notable contributor in SaaS based HR and payroll software, and this business acquisition by Silver Lake is expected to further accelerate its business on the back of Silver Lake’s best in class expertise in software industry and valuechain.
Thus, this latest development is expected to favor Silae’s future endeavors in software business. Adding further, Christian Lucas, Co-Founder, Silver Lake spoke very highly of Silae and its unique business sense and contribution towards SaaS based expertise in HR and payroll software.
He also said that the company has also reflected a very favorable and ideal workculture for its employees and the achievements of Silae in actuality is the combined vision and efforts by its employees.
He also stated that Silver Lake as a technology investment veteran is highly impresses and optimistic about their joint ventures in the future.
Silae has been consistently offering high end cloud based HR software solutions, supporting autonomous business operations in France, with a rich clientele of 550,000.
The company has been in close business operations with several HR staffing and outsourcing concerns in the country, and has been widely renowned for its flagship software, Silaexpert.
The company has been functioning successfully since 2010.

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