US Dept of Energy Allocates Massive Funding to Norwich Technologies, Eyes Next Gen Solar Power Development

Committed to enable solar installation across major commercial properties to align with the stringency of clean energy consumption, Norwich Solar Technologies is a high end dedicated entity empowering public places such as municipalities, educational institutes, corporates and various SMBs with ample solar energy to enable sustainable energy consumption in the face of rising environmental damage and carbon footprint.
The solutions provided by the company are amply energy efficient, timely, and are of superlative quality that align with the dire needs of energy efficiency and sustainability.
The company is famed for its versatile capabilities defining commercial installation of PV and in pursuing R&D initiatives. Recently the company is a buzz with its recent successful fund allocation by the U.S. Department of Energy worth $1.1 million dollar.
The company ensured that the fund received thus will henceforth be devoted to the development, design and installation of a cost efficient solar power system of hybrid capabilities which can be optimally used to meet the round the clock energy requirements by virtue of long-term energy storage system for storing ample thermal energy.
Besides Norwich Technologies several other small-scale solar companies across states have also benefitted from the recent fund allocation by US Dept of Energy.
Need to drive commercial investments in innovation of solar R&D expeditions is the primary objective of the new fund allocation. Speaking at an event, CEO, Norwich Technologies, Troy McBride affirmed about the delightful experience the company is looking forward to having after diverting the fund amount towards enhanced R&D expeditions to develop next gen, cost efficient solar derived power.
Further, relevant spokesperson from US Dept of Energy cited the immense potential and undeniable role of small businesses in recouping the economical setback industries have been witnessing post the lockdown, at the sudden outbreak of the deadly virus and subsequent global pandemic.

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