Wearables to Witness New Development with Advances in Display Technology

National University of Singapore are amidst rife speculations of developing novel material which is high in stretchability, directed to be used in light emitting capacitor devices, eliminating illumination which is high on visibility and operate on very low operating voltage, The newly developed material inclined for light emitting capacitor devices is touted to enable several high end operations such as self-healing devices and space exploration expeditions.
The latest development is branded as HELIOS which stands for Healable Low Field Illuminating Optoelectronic Stretchable device. The innovation has been legendary and phenomenal breakthrough and is likely to spearhead high end applications such as soft robots and electronic wearables.
The advantage of this stretchable material is its ability to function even at very low voltage unlike conventionally used wearable devices. In the words of Mr. Tee of NUS Electrical and Computer Engineering, traditionally used optoelectronic materials usually require very high voltage and operate at high frequencies, enabling significant brightness and visibility, thus significantly limiting mobility as well as operating lifetimes.
These are also limited in terms of safe application in human machine interface. HELIOS is therefore an answer to these limitations. Despite low voltage functionality HELIOS driven devices are expected to offer very high illumination with superlative brightness, also depicting very high lifetime and safety even in human-machine interfaces.
The devices powered by HELIOS are operated wirelessly and are highly resistant to punctures and tears with very high barrier resistance. The most probable usability of HELIOS is likely to be witnessed in highly durable wireless displays which are extremely robust and damage resistant.
They are likely to witness surged adoption in soft robots and are expected to be highly beneficial in smart indoor farming and the like. The plethora of applications of HELIOS is rather diverse with scope for high end applications in wearable devices, safety lights, robotics, automotive and the like.

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