With Social Distancing Being the Norm, Social Networking Platform Facebook Revs up its Communication Tools

Following the same lines with Instagram which is recently modified to add the ‘DM Me’ sticker available for Instagram stories, Facebook is rumored to introduce novel ‘Hit Me Up’ sticker to make the Facebook stories more relatable and engaging.
The company has also revealed that messaging has attained significant spike in social distancing and quarantine phases, pushing the total use of FB messaging along with WhatsApp messaging to almost a double.
The latest sticker addition will allow users to prompt a quick and lucid communication signaling interests and availability of more interactive messaging session, thus inviting for more interested participants to avert loneliness in testing times.
Facebook has also witnessed a spurt in new Facebook stories and the heightened use of messaging functions as obvious user reactions and response to prolonged global lockdown. The social media platform major further has signaled its next line of investments in expanding its photo and video transfer tool, making it available across the US and Canada followed by a previous launch in Europe’s Ireland a few months back.
The development is also designed to offer users with much higher control in maintaining a steady record of their visual elements, thereby having a reliable back up for the same, in cases of sudden closure of the social media platform.
Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated quarantine, social media platforms are re-evaluating their engagement models to connect directly with user preferences, thereby giving a fillip to the nuances of direct engagement amongst participants.
As social distancing remains the norm in modern times with global pandemic looming large, social communication platforms are poised to become more agile in the coming years, making conversations more flexible and relatable.
The development is aimed at bolstering seamless mobility and transfer of photos and videos available on Facebook to be transferred to Google Photos, thus allowing consumers to safely retain loved memories besides also instrumenting new sharing modes.
The development is a recent addition that is contemplated to aid Facebook stories users to come up with a prompt DM response with the help of a sticker, thus sparking more engaging communication.

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